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The Naked Tiny
Man Without Pants
Hey, folks. Me again.

I'm getting ready for work shortly, but for those of you -- whoever you may be -- who might wish to help my hometown in dealing with this tragedy, please visit The Twin Cities' Chapter of the American Red Cross's webiste. You can make a little donation there to help the Red Cross handle the treatment of the wounded and the recovery of the dead.

I'm still pretty shaken by all of this. Hopefully work will moderate me some.
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Hey everyone. Dusting off the LJ for a second.

The 35w bridge spanning the Mississippi River in my hometown of Minneapolis collapsed this evening. As of this posting my ex-wife's fine, my sister's fine, my kids are fine, and most of my friends in Minneapolis are verified as being alive and well.

I'm hoping to allay some concerns with this post. So far as I have been able to confirm, folks are well. It's hard getting through right now, as the circuits are slammed. More as I know it.
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They lost. To their credit, that was one of the best preseason performances I have ever seen.

If they can just get their offense in gear and hold on to the ball, they might go all the way this year!

Yeah, that was a joke. Sorry.

Seriously, it's a sad, sad, sad statement when an NFC North team chokes in the rain. What's become of this conference?
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Happy Superbowl Sunday!

I am off to work early today for a morning meeting with the new head honcho. I don't imagine things will go too terribly awful. It's actually been rather fun getting into pace with her again. She's in the same boat we are, after all. Bereft of her usual suspects, she has to make a go with what she has. We have the advantage of having worked with one another for months. She's learning it all from scratch again.

In short, I'm not too worried about it.

Also: in a weird twist of fate, we've been invited to not one but TWO superbowl parties this evening. Both shaysdays and balatro are hosting parties and were kind enough to throw us invitations. We'll probably spend some time at Shay's place and then finish out our night at balatro's, as it's closer to our home and therefore means less driving.

Furthermore, it is my solemn duty as a fan of the NFC North Division (formerly the NFC Central Division-- screw you, Tampa Bay!) to deliver the following message:

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I am starting to catch up on my sleep. We just moved from our old apartment into a town house a few miles closer to my workplace. I didn't take any time off to do it, so the move happened during my days off during the week. This means, in essence, that I haven't really had a day off in about three weeks. We're all moved now, though. (Mostly.) And unpacked. (Mostly.)

There was a while there where my darling vaspider wasn't sleeping all that well, and she was keeping me up as a result. But the worst seems to have passed, and the last two nights have had some solid sleep attached to them. For the both of us. Which is something I sorely needed if I am to face the new month.

Yes! The new month. Which means a new quota. It doesn't matter that last month I led my region with sales 176% to quota. Oh, no. Sales is and ever will be a game of 'what have you done for me lately'. So it's back to the grind.

With a new manager, too! She's actually my old manager form a year ago, returned to her old store. I'm actually rather nervous about that one, but I'm hoping it will be for the best. My old boss clearly got me into good sales practices. But my new boss has the chops operationally that I'll need for a position in management. Which is where I wish to wind up in a year. So!

Change is Good.

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Okay. So I'm dusting off the LJ. I didn't have the time for the political stuff once I got my full time job and took on kid raising responsibilities again. The format is going back to 'my boring daily life' stuff. Deal with it, yo.

So. Wedding date. 08/08/2008.

Mark it on your calendar... when... you get your 2008 calendar a year from now.
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Now here's hoping nakedtiny doesn't get too mad that I hijacked his journal to set up his new mood icon set.

Happy birthday, sweetie!


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I was being born. Sort of. I was actually born at 9:30pm, or thereabouts, but I'm not going to be posting tomorrow night I doubt. So. I post now. Being, as I am, thirty.

If you had asked me at age 18 if I thought I would be where I am today? I wouldn't have believed you, I don't imagine. There's a lot I would do differently, of course, if I had it to do over. I think that's true of a lot of folks, especially at this stage in their lives. But I don't actually -want- to do any of it over. Which is probably a good sign.

I've got a good job at which I am successful and promotable. Hooray. I am making more, now, than I ever thought I would. I have a nice car, a nice apartment, a nice computer, a nice TV. I have nice stuff. But it's not really the stuff that makes all of this worthwhile. It's the little things, naturally. Being able to fly Willow out here and not sweat my budget. Being able to give The Monster a good birthday on short notice. So on and so forth. Trips to the shore, trips to the national aquarium. Stuff I never could have done a year ago, or two years ago, or three years ago.

The next ten years of my life I want to spend doing something with my money apart from paying my bills off and fixing my credit and so on. I want to buy land. Develop it with a house. Something green and sensible. Squirrel some away for a rainy day. On the one hand I feel like a total corporate sell-out. The long hair is gone, the hippy mentality has deteriorated as fancifully impractical. But the progressive liberalism? That's remained. And the attendant liberal guilt? That's remained, too.

So I'm locked in the system, yeah. And the system is working well for me, sure. But I'd like to break out of that system in the next ten years. Because I really don't want to be doing this sort of work for the rest of my life. In fact, I don't really want to work in this sense for the rest of my life. I'm good at it, and I make a hell of a lot of money at it, but it's not what I want or need. Right now it's what I have to do, and I enjoy doing it. But it's not what I want for myself.

So. Looking back on the writer at 18, and imagining what that kid would say looking forward to the writer at 30? I don't think he'd be too happy with the end results. But that's life. You can't all be comedians, and rockstars, and actors, and artists. Someone, in the end of it all, has to sell the cellphones. For better or for worse, that's me. And every so often, when I'm making my customers bust up laughing, or when I'm able to make really intelligent conversation with a customer that happens to be liberal leaning? I can enjoy my work for its resemblance to what I always wanted to do with my life. And, depending on the lighting, resent it for what it isn't.

So, yeah. That's life, I suppose. And mine's quite a nice one, as lives go. But it's still missing a rudder in the water. The engine's on full, but it's got no rudder. And that's what I want to do with the next ten years. Make this momentum mean something. Rather than just being momentum for momentum's sake. Rather than just making money so buy things that I don't really need. I am fully aware of the trap of consumerism. And that's where full engines and zero steerage takes you. The path of least resistance in our culture is to spiral down its throat and die in its belly.

So, no. Not me, thanks. At least not yet.

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This sucks. A big storm blew through our part of PA and I am without power. Without power means no AC, no fans, and lighing only by the screen of my partially charged sidekick and my sadly heat producing candles. I am slow cooking with a pair of hyperactive dogs for company.

There's no ETA on when our power might be restored. We're basically on our own. Thank god for McDonald's drive thru or I would be grilling... with fire. In this weather.

I have great sympathy for the Iraqi people right now.
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